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Who Am I ?

Fred Posimo helps entrepreneurs and investors create a roadmap to financial fulfillment where they bridge the gap between their passion and prosperity! Fred is an international bestselling author of 3 books, a Syndicated TV show host, Influential Speaker, and investor whose mission is to help other entrepreneurs walk in their soul purpose.

Make Money & Have Fun is Fred’s business and message to the world. He strives every day to build a world filled with fully aligned individuals who have each achieved their own vision of success!

What Our Client’s Say

Customer Reviews

Fred has the mindset of a champion. He has a ton of wisdom to share about what it takes to succeed at a high level. Fred’s tips, tactics, & techniques to making money and having fun will help entrepreneurs take their business & life to the next level.

Tim Bratz

CEO, Legacy Wealth Holdings

Fred Posimo is one of the few people I’ve seen who instantly applies what he learns. His ability to take action is one of his greatest qualities. Success is definitely in his future!

Nick Tang

Real Estate Investor/ Meetup Mogul

Fred is one of the few people who have come into the industry and taken as much action in bettering himself and his business along the way. There are many who preach what they want and their vision, but Fred is someone who does what it takes to become the best at his craft. I’m honored to know someone who will become a great leader in this industry for others to follow

Dan Zitofsky

Founder of Passive Wealth Academy

Fred Posimo is a prodigy. Whatever he puts his mind to he excels at and he has the mindset to get you on the path to success. Grab this book now!

Ken McArthur

Best-Selling Author and Producer

When Fred and I jumped on our second call I was shocked to see how far he’d progressed in such a short time. Beyond just a writer, Fred’s entrepreneurial endeavors will lead him to much prosperity!

David Hancock

Founder of Morgan James Publishing

Fred Posimo is ahead of his time and full of wisdom, not to mention a great and very funny guy!

Brian Meara

Founder of Investor Entourage

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